We appreciate the opportunity to provide for your orthodontic care and look forward to welcoming you and your family to our practice. An information pack will be posted or emailed to you once you have made your first appointment.

1. Before you visit

Prior to your first visit please complete the following forms These forms can be sent to us by fax (03) 962 0283, emailing to or by mail to Ilam Orthodontics, 3 Clyde Road Christchurch 8041.

2. On the day of your first visit

You will be greeted by our friendly team who will ask you about your needs and concerns. Your concerns are our number one priority and the concerns of your dentist/dental therapist.

We will examine your smile, teeth and bite as well as analyse your x-rays and orthodontic photographs.

Your orthodontic problems will be assessed so that you fully understand all aspects of these problems and the various treatment options available with an emphasis on addressing your desires and concerns.

We will suggest the ideal time to start and you will be given the costs associated with the various treatment options that suit you, will also be discussed.

A report will be produced for you including copies of all the clinical records. A detailed report is also sent to the referring dentist/dental therapist. We will recommend other dental professionals, if required. If the time is right and you approve of the proposed treatment, your treatment co-ordinator will arrange all your future appointments to fit your busy schedule.

If we need to delay starting treatment until more adult teeth erupt or more facial growth has occurred, arrangements will be made to review the occlusion at an appropriate time in the future. There is no fee for attending these future review appointments.

Your first visit normally takes approximately 45 minutes and the cost of this visit is $120 (Inc GST)

You will receive the most advanced orthodontic care possible and by the end of your first visit you will feel confident you are in good hands. We pride ourselves on providing a caring, friendly and family oriented service.